Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

You’ve got two basic choices, in the event you would like to scrub your whole home with green cleaning products; you buy products that are already made or can make your own from natural materials. The decision is yours to make, each has its advantages and disadvantages, but the important thing for the planet is that everyone do a little more to use natural and safe products.

Do it Yourself Disinfectant

It’s possible for you to produce your own personal disinfectant from common household items. Two cups of three tablespoons of soap, water and about 30 drops of tea tree oil makes a great disinfectant with no dangerous compounds of all kinds.

Commercial manufacturers of cleaning essentials are coming with the green movement and every day it seems they are releasing disinfectant or a brand new eco cleanser. Clorox has a whole line of Green Works cleansers produced from natural substances. These cleaners are created using natural plant based minerals and substances.


Among the all time great cleaning products that are natural is vinegar. The issue the majority of people have using vinegar, as a cleanser is the odor, it is not just agreeable cleaning supplies uk and very pungent. The good news is the smell evaporates within seconds leaving clean streak free windows.

Other common home made window cleaners include alcohol, ammonia and bicarbonate of soda. Before using one important note about using all these materials, check with your window manufacturer. Ammonia on a thermal pane window will discolor the glass turning it purple!

Retail giants like Wal Mart are beginning to offer several green products at the same time. A remarkably popular choice is a complete pair of cleansers. Earth Friendly products are made out of plant-based materials and softly scented with essential oils. They’ve an entire line of cleaning products and offer them in a convenient bundle. These are all ph balanced, non-caustic and free from dyes, oil products and formaldehyde. Of all the environmental products available commercially this is only one of the most economic, for less than $20 you get the entire line of cleaners including hand dish soap, all purpose cleaner, toilet cleaner, window cleaner, creamy cleanser and odor remover.